THE SKYWRITERS "love is in the air"


I think everyone has important music or songs for oneself. They may be ones filled with precious memories, oens you can be in high spirits or ones which cheer up you when you are in blue... The songs which match with a lot of situations. The songs by the Skywriters are filled with a lot of elements like that as well. My exciting feeling when I heard their first CD first. It is not convincing one like "something will be happen!", it's one like little happening in same usual air. Like that when sun is very warming in the morning, when you can be happy a little with seeing blowing clouds in the sky, moment you can feel spring smell when you open the window... A moment we feel little happinesses which are hidden behind usual life. It is similar to that. Maybe there is same air in their music around us. So when you are hearing their songs, you feel hearing their conversation like "Well, which instrumental do you choose? Guitar? Bass? or Drums? I would like to sing" don't you? I haven't gone to Philadelphia where they live and I haven't met them yet. But I can feel them near myself, because we are linked together by common line which are music over the frontier. And now, their new single is out! Moreover from Galaxy Train in Japan! Everyone can find 10 minutes happiness if you drop a stylus on it. A wonderful 7" like that.

...Katsuya Shibata



SKYWRITERSの曲もそんな要素がいっぱい溢れてる。彼等の最初のCDを聴いた時のワクワクする気持ち。“何かが起こる!”っていう確信的なワクワクじゃなくて、いつもと同じ空気の中に起こるちょっとした出来事みたいな。それって朝、お日さまがすごくあたたかかったり、流れる雲を眺めていてちょっと幸せな気持ちになったり、窓を開けると春の香りがした時…。日常の生活に隠れている小さな幸せを感じる瞬間。そうゆう気持ちに似てる。きっと彼等の音楽には僕等の周りと同じ空気が流れているんだと思う。だからこそ彼等の曲を聴いていると“さあ、君は何を選ぶ?ギター?ベース?それともドラム?私は歌いたいな”なんて会話までが聞こえてきそうでしょ?彼等の住んでいるフィアデルフィアには行った事もないし、彼等にもまだ会った事はないけれど、こんなにも身近に感じるのは僕等が国境を超えた音楽っていう共通の糸で繋がっているからだと思う。そして彼等の新しいシングルが届いた!しかも日本のGALAXY TRAINから! 針を落とせば誰もが10分間の小さな幸せを見つけられる。そんな素敵な7"。

...シバタカツヤ(cookie scene)